The FISITA World Automotive Congress, organized by the FISITA will take place from 2nd October to 5th October 2018 at the Chennai Trade Centre in Chennai, India. The conference will cover areas like Affordable and Sustainable Mobility,Disruptive Technologies,Sustainable Mobility,automotive mobility.

SAEINDIA is proud to host the 37th FISITA World Automotive Congress in Chennai, India. FISITA 2018 will take place over four days and will deliver first-class technical presentations and

Exhibition stall Designer

Exhibition stall Designer

offer experts from industry and academia the opportunity to share knowledge and innovative new technologies with colleagues from around the world.

FISITA 2018 is focusing on the theme ‘Disruptive Technologies for Affordable and Sustainable Mobility’. For this, the Congress will discuss significant research and discoveries in subjects like powertrain and emissions, fuels and lubricants and vehicle concepts. FISITA 2018 will serve as the powerful motivator for the continued growth of the automotive mobility industry and its contributors.

SAEINDIA is committed to the success of FISITA 2018 and our organising members will ensure delegates from around the world have a fantastic experience at Congress and enjoy the surrounding attractions in Chennai, India.